Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shea butter babies

My babies have had some dry skin occasionally, and while there is plenty of controversy about what might be the cause of eczema, I know I lean towards for the actual skin care. Pure shea butter. I have tried coconut oil and pure cocoa butter as well in the past and they work pretty well too, but nothing compares to the price and consistency of shea butter.

Yes, yes, I did use an old Chinese take out container to store my shea butter. Works really well.
My mom usually buys it for me on Ebay straight from Ghana, where my family is from. It's something like $20 for 5 pounds of it which usually lasts me a year between my two little ones. I lotion them up every day right after bath time in the evening and it makes their skin nice and soft (see below) Adorable huh? Works very well for lip balm too! When it first goes on it might be a little greasy but quickly absorbs into the skin (after maybe 5 minutes) and just leaves smooth skin. I also use this for my natural hair in the evenings mixed with pure vegetable glycerin which also works really well. For some reason Shea butter tends to be used more by Africans and black Americans. I guess because it is native to Africa. It is some sore of large fruit that grows on trees I think and has this butter inside. It is yellow in color and pretty soft. I highly recommend it!

My  shea butter baby

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