Monday, May 12, 2014

Black natural hair curl patterns (or lack thereof!)----It's all beautiful!

Natural black hair. This is something that finally is starting to become truly "normal" and beautiful. Part of me trying to live my life more authentically is to embrace who I am, especially my racial heritage. As a mother, especially of a mother of a daughter who is black, I want to do what I can to show my daughter that black hair is absolutely beautiful and she should be very happy to have the hair she has. What's even more interesting is looking at the variation in curl patterns (and lack of any curl pattern at all) within our growing family. My daughter has beautiful tight curly hair around the sides and at certain other points around her head but at the top cap of her head there really isn't much of a curl pattern. This can certainly be a challenge especially when trying to let her wear her hair out. A challenge I am ready to take on!

Take a look at how our children's hair patterns are different from that of us the parents and how they are similar.....

My daughter's fine little curls

My husband's curl pattern which of course you can't really see cause he cuts it so short and brushes it.

An idea of my curl pattern

My 10 month old son's curl pattern.

Beautiful isn't it??? I thank God for black natural hair. He is a creative God isn't He? If you are reading this and you are black, be thankful! You have some of the most beautiful, distinctive and unique hair on the planet! You are absolutely gorgeous. No offense at all to every other race (They are all beautiful in their own right) but I really do think that black hair is the most beautiful. As a mama, my daughter's hair especially is my canvas to be creative and show off my creativity! How awesome is that!

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