Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Going barefoot

 My 3 year old daughter is always asking me if she can take her shoes off when she is outside (ok, not always, when it's warm). This made me think about some of the simple joys that I need to try to take advantage of to bring down my blood enjoy the simple moments in my life. Sitting outside and feeling the warm sun, the feeling of grass between my toes. It's a time I love to just think about how great my God is! I read Dr. Tieraona Low Dog's book Life is You Best Medicine about trying to be the healthiest you can be with simple ideas and concepts and I was amazed the number of things you can do that are very simple but effective to improve your health and just make you happy. For instance, taking a nice relaxing bath with nice scents, or playing music that makes you happy, or getting some sunshine, or having some nice scents around that are relaxing, or enjoying a good cup of tea, etc., etc. The list goes on and on. These things really do make your life better. Any thoughts on simple ideas to make you happier and healthier?

Aaaahhhh....Don't you just want to do this right now?


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