Monday, March 11, 2013

Laetare Sunday

It's been a while since I posted. In the meantime i have been collecting lots of photos for specific posts I've wanted to share.
Yesterday happened to be Laetare Sunday. At our church I can't emphasize enough how beautiful it was. It was a striking difference from lent.
I am no expert, but this is what our priest told us Laetare Sunday is in a nutshell: An old tradition that in the middle of Lent, those that have been avidly denying themselves and sacrificing can have a break. It also, I imagine more importantly, let's us know that we are halfway to Easter and we do a little almost there celebration.
The difference was so striking. The normally bare altar (during Lent) was adorned with beautiful roses. The priests were wearing the rose color (not pink!!! as everyone says). The knights of columbus were there in their formal garb and carrying their little swords or whatever those are they commandingly led the procession and lined the aisle up to the altar with authority and strength, raising their sword things respectfully at the consecration of the host (changing of the bread and wine to the body and blood of Jesus Christ). A full choir sang (which we don't normally have unfortunately), and there was a nice quartet of strings and a trumpet playing. seemed almost as celebratory as Easter mass (which I am interested to see how this church will top Laetare Sunday for Easter vigil!!!).
The Holy Spirit was thick there with our priest's homily. Just amazing, really taking about repentance and God's incredible love for us. The Gospel was about the prodigal son. We finished it all off with a Holy Spirit led prayer group meeting which we have every Sunday afternoon. God led us in prayer and word that he loves to watch us as we love to watch our little children run and play. My little girl, Celeste, was there and everyone was delighting in watching her. They noted how wonderful it is to love as a child as she climbed into everyone's laps and gave them hugs and kisses.
How blessed we are. Laetare Sunday was incredible for me. I hope it was for everyone else too.

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