Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hair styles for beautiful black toddler hair

Hair styles for beautiful black girls! Of course they are all beautiful! So here are a couple styles that I tried to keep her hair out and show off her lovely curls. First I tried to do some bantu knot twists to see if it would look good the next day after I untwist. I didn't like how it turned out....

The problem was that even though I did what was suggested over the internet to avoid the lines I made to put the knots in, they still showed. I used a comb and tried to comb the root some to get the lines to disappear but this just dd not work. Plus, it really didn't last day was looking like it wanted to start dreading. I'm trying to find low maintenance styles! So they I did a style that I try not to do, but works very nicely! I just use rubber bands (this is why I try not to do it....don't want to break and strain the hair). I was at my parent's house so I didn't have my normal hair stuff with me. I ran to Target and was going to buy the Curls products that I usually use ( While I was there though I ended up buying Kinky-Curly Curing Custard ( and their curling custard as well. I used this on her hair and her curls looked beautiful!!! I was really happy actually! Looked much more natural.

The pictures above by the way are on day two (and taken by Danielle at Corby Photography-Fantastic photographer by the way! search for them on Facebook at So I decided, for Easter, I would try to let her hair out with just a couple little braids for the front and see how it looks. I just wet it, added the conditioner, gently combed through it and then worked through it with the Kinky-Curly Curing Custard. These are the results on day 2!

I am very happy with these results! I can see her beautiful curls and it seems to be holding up ok! I'm even happier because these are her natural curls. I will keep up with my adventures in black toddler hair experimentation! =)

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