Monday, March 11, 2013

First hair post

My baby girl, Celeste is now two and a half. When I was little I remember wishing that my hair was pretty, long and, well, like white people's! It was later in my adult life that I came to love my own hair and love the incredible beauty of black hair. The dainty, delicate curls that make up thick healthy natural hair. It's now becoming trendy to keep your hair natural. When I was younger most people permed/relaxed their hair (including me) to straighten it. I now proudly wear my own curls.

I was so excited when my little girl was born. Honestly one of my earliest thoughts for her were of how much I will find joy in decorating her pretty natural curls. She was my little, living doll! I am still continuing on the journey of how best to do her hair. I would like to share little things I am picking up and style ideas (cause I am always struggling to get ideas) for the lovely natural hair she was so blessed with. I have a few pictures of a really pretty style I found on the blog Chocolate hair, Vanilla Care:
I am constantly looking for a hair style that I won't have to do anything with for at least one week.

First be sure to have a good distraction. Video of her baby cousin usually works!

For instructions on how to do this beautiful and surprisingly easy style see the link above!

I loved how this one turned out and it kept very well for the week!

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