Friday, January 11, 2013

First week

Well the first week has gone by. Celeste DID learn Matthew 22:37! She usually has to kind of say it with me but she does the arm motions and know what comes next! It is really thrilling to see!!

Monday I came home and did some coloring and a maze or two with the Kumon book which my friend told me about. I also started the memory verse with her. We tried to get her to recognize the color red.

Tuesday we had our first swim "lesson". It was us playing in the water. She really LOVED it! I was so surprised when the instructor said "Kick your feet Celeste!" and she DID!

Wednesday I did more of the Kumon books and went through some different colors and then I did an activity with her that I saw in a book that given to me. We made a sock with old couscous in it (man, I've been saying I was going to make it for so long! Ah well...) and then tied the top. An open box was set a slight distance away. Her job is to toss the sock into the box. She really enjoyed it and progressed quickly and was able to move farther away!

Thursday I worked until late so I just reviewed colors with her while taking a bath before bed.

Friday I really wanted to take her to the museum as I am *supposed* to get out of work at 1pm latest, but this was delayed today. Instead I just let her play with our good friend's and their two children about her age. She loves playing with them! Many Fridays she gets her only real play time with other children, which is when my friend watched her. She had a lot of fun. I felt sad that I couldn't bring her to the museum but my goal is to do some activities this weekend outside hopefully!

I really am unsure if this is "enough" for a 2 year old for the humble beginnings of preschooling. I am not doing very much but I figure a child her age doesn't need hours of structured learning. She really does not know her colors which disappoints me but I am sure that persistence and repitition is the key.

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