Sunday, January 6, 2013

First post

This is to be a seperate blog just about some things that I am learning as a Catholic mama and would like to share with others who are interested in the same things. I find myself looking over so many other's blogs and feel inspired to post my own ideas too!

Today I am starting memory verses with my little daughter Celeste. I will try to focus on one verse a week. It came to mind when I was looking at an activity book and they suggested repeating a nursery rhyme (like "Humpty Dumpty" for instance) over an over so they can memorize it. I'm thinking, why would I want her to memorize that?? Why not God's holy word!! I was so excited and quickly found things on the internet.

Above is one nice web site with coloring pages and hand movements and all. I am excited to try this out. Will try to follow up with feedback on how it works out!

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  1. That's wonderful Gretchen! We are starting a school program with Kepha right now too! And it includes a Bible verse. I'm going to check out that site!