Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Amazing man

Obviously I'm going to be biased, but my husband is amazing.
I remember when I was younger laying in bed and I would want to pray for myself. I would be tempted of course to pray for the typical stuff, like gifts or money or whatever, but I always found something within telling me to pray for something that would really matter later. I honest to goodness really prayed for a loving devoted husband, and a happy family with children and a happy life.
Well I am happy. God is so amazing I can't stand it sometimes! Ever feel overwhelmed with how overwhelming He is? Yea.
So when I think about my husband, I want to burst. I find myself turning to him and saying "I love you!" And he's like " love u too...."
And I'm like "Kobi....You don't understand! I REALLY love YOU! You are such a blessing....."
And He's like...."yea, I luv u 2......"
It's so hard sometimes to really express how I really feel. My husband is such an amazing father. He's here for me all the time, constantly demanding more of me. Protecting me from myself. Loving me. Making me feel absolutely beautiful. I think in heaven we will have those precious feelings all the time and it will make more sense. Be more concrete. Let's thank God. We don't have to be able to express it concretely. That's why we aren't 100% of this world. We are also spiritual beings and that spiritual part won't make as much sense here.
So I'll just stare at him. God knows I'm thankful and I know how much he means to me. I can be ok with that.

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